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FetchRowAsyncCallback Delegate

User defined callback function for interface FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr),actually is a delegate in .Net. This callback allow applications to get each row of the batch records by calling FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr) forward iteration.After reading all the records in a block, the application needs to continue calling FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr) in this callback function to obtain the next batch of records for processing until the number of records is zero.

Namespace:  TDengineDriver
Assembly:  TDengineDriver (in TDengineDriver.dll) Version: 1.0.6
public delegate void FetchRowAsyncCallback(
	IntPtr param,
	IntPtr taoRes,
	int numOfRows


Type: SystemIntPtr
The parameter passed by FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr)
Type: SystemIntPtr
Query Result.
Type: SystemInt32
The number of rows of data obtained (not a function of the entire query result set). When the number is zero (the result is returned) or the number of records is negative (the query fails).
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