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TDengineDriver Namespace

Public classTaosBind
this class used to get an instance of struct of TAO_BIND or TAOS_MULTI_BIND And the instance is corresponding with TDengine data type. For example, calling "bindBinary" will return a TAOS_BIND object that is corresponding with TDengine's binary type.
Public classTaosMultiBind
Using to bind different columns types in multiple rows.
Public classTDengine
Defined this Driver's mainly APIs
Public classTDengineMeta
TDengine's meta info.
Public structureTAOS_BIND
TAOS_BIND struct, used to hold a parameter(one value) while using "stmt insert".
Public structureTAOS_MULTI_BIND
TAOS_MULTI_BINDstruct,used to hold a multiple values while using "stmt bind".
Public delegateFetchRowAsyncCallback
User defined callback function for interface FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr),actually is a delegate in .Net. This callback allow applications to get each row of the batch records by calling FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr) forward iteration.After reading all the records in a block, the application needs to continue calling FetchRowAsync(IntPtr, FetchRowAsyncCallback, IntPtr) in this callback function to obtain the next batch of records for processing until the number of records is zero.
Public delegateQueryAsyncCallback
User defined callback function for interface QueryAsync(IntPtr, String, QueryAsyncCallback, IntPtr),actually is a delegate in .Net. This function aim to handle the taoRes which points to the caller method's SQL result set.
Public delegateSubscribeCallback
In asynchronous subscribe mode, the prototype of the callback function.
Public enumerationTDengineDataType
The enum indicate the data types and their code that TDengine supports.
Public enumerationTDengineInitOption
Options that can be set before get TDegnine connection. Can set like locale,char-set,timezone,taos.cfg Dir and connection active time.
Public enumerationTDengineSchemalessPrecision
Precision string of the timestamps in the text data while using schemaless insert.
Public enumerationTDengineSchemalessProtocol
This enum is used to indicate different TDengine's different schemaless protocol.