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TaosBind Class

this class used to get an instance of struct of TAO_BIND or TAOS_MULTI_BIND And the instance is corresponding with TDengine data type. For example, calling "bindBinary" will return a TAOS_BIND object that is corresponding with TDengine's binary type.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  TDengineDriver
Assembly:  TDengineDriver (in TDengineDriver.dll) Version: 1.0.6
public class TaosBind

The TaosBind type exposes the following members.

Public methodTaosBind
Initializes a new instance of the TaosBind class
Public methodStatic memberBindBigInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_BIGINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindBinary
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_BINARY.
Public methodStatic memberBindBool
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_BOOL.
Public methodStatic memberBindDouble
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_DOUBLE.
Public methodStatic memberBindFloat
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_FLOAT.
Public methodStatic memberBindInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_INT.
Public methodStatic memberBindNchar
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_NCHAR.
Public methodStatic memberBindNil
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_NULL.
Public methodStatic memberBindSmallInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_SMALLINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindTimestamp
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_TIMESTAMP.
Public methodStatic memberBindTinyInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_TINYINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindUBigInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_UBIGINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindUInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_UINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindUSmallInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_USMALLINT.
Public methodStatic memberBindUTinyInt
Used to bind TDengine's TSDB_DATA_TYPE_UTINYINT.
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Public methodStatic memberFreeTaosBind
Used to free allocated unmanaged memory.
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